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40 Years of Service to the Hunters Community

Debbie Gracy envisioned and built Gracy Travel International as a service dedicated to getting hunting enthusiasts and their sports equipment to their destinations around the world. Over the years we built a team of expert travel advisors with decades of experience, who love what they do and are masters of their craft. The agency has evolved along with the industry over the years, embracing new technology and expanding the offerings. What remains constant is our unwavering dedication to our clients and to helping them bring to life amazing adventures.

Gracy Difference

We take pride in providing competent, prompt, and friendly service to our clients. Over the decades of booking travel, we have seen it all, so we developed and refined our Flawless Itinerary booking process to leave nothing to chance.


To start the booking process, we actively listen. We ask the right questions. We make good suggestions. We help you navigate through your options. We communicate clearly and in a timely fashion. We quality check, double check, and triple check. We help you make the right choices.


Once travel is booked, we move on to the itinerary managing stage of the trip. We watch for schedule changes, but only contact you with major itinerary changes which may impact your trip. We get in touch when it is time to process your visas and permits. We keep you on track and answer any questions.


As the departure date nears, around 2-3 weeks before departure, we send out the packet which contains all documentation you need for the trip, including your itinerary, e-tickets, permits, airline firearm pre-approvals, visas, health regulations, and checklist. We also include our heavy-duty bright orange bag-tags to help our staff identify your bags at the airports.


24 hours prior to departure our check in team makes one final check to ensure you are set for the trip and sends you a final last minute reminder check in recap.


If your itinerary involves a stop in Johannesburg, our team will meet you at the aircraft door in Johannesburg and escort you through all immigration formalities and then down to the arrivals halls or your connecting flight. If you are traveling with firearms, our permit team will meet you at the arrivals hall with your permits in hand and take you to the police office to help you retrieve your guns. If you are staying overnight, we will escort you to one of our airport partner hotels. The next morning our staff will assist you to get your next flight.


Our emergency assistance crew is standing by to assist you 24/7/365 to help you with any surprises while on the road. If your luggage is delayed or lost, our baggage tracing service is available to assist and ensure your bags are found and delivered to you as promptly as possible. We are available to process any changes you may have while on the trip.


We always ask and listen to your feedback as we are learning about clients’ needs and desires, as well as any changes in the destinations. This is how we fine-tune our Flawless Itinerary process.

Beyond Hunting Trips

Having experienced and enjoyed our service for their hunting trips, many clients have returned to us for help in creating all sorts of trips. Whether it is a beach extension to a hunting trip in South Africa, a week of yachting in Seychelles, a Disney cruise for the whole family, or a destination trip for a special event we can do it all! We have cruise specialists, adventure travel specialists, family vacation and multigenerational vacation experts. Let us help you design memorable vacation experiences. Over the decades we have developed the knowledge, the connections, and access to make your trips unique and special.

Zebras in Wild


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