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The Expedition
Limpopo: Garnering its name from the Limpopo River, this is a territory known for its contrasts - from mountains and lush forests to plantations as well as wilderness areas and farms. Limpopo is the gateway to Africa’s adventurer as it borders the countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique.
Forge further north to the glory of the MatoposHills. This area of granite kopjes formed over 2 billion years ago exhibits the forced extrusion of eroded granite that produce smooth “whaleback dwalas” and broken kopjes. Part of the national park is set aside as a protectorate of the enigmatic great white rhinoceros.
After traversing historic museums in Bulawayo the journey through Hwange National Park will have you conversing with massive herds of elephant and buffalo. This is a special place, privy to Africa’s Big Five.  Lastly, in the footsteps of the explorer David Livingstone you’ll stumble upon one of the worlds great natural wonders. The Victoria Falls. From helicopter rides to bunjee jumping, river rafting to sunset cruises. From deep within you’ll begin to hear the beat of Africa, its a calling you’ll begin to yearn for, and ne’er forget.