Mexico Gun Permit


The hunter will have made contact with either a land owner or an outfitter in the course of setting up his hunt in Mexico. The Mexican contact will send the hunter the applicable initial paperwork necessary for entry, game license and temporary gun permits. Should this not happen at least a couple of months before the date of entry, request it immediately.

Once the forms arrive, you can expect to have to gather together the following items and information at a minimum:

1. Complete the forms in their entirety, including all applicable firearm information requested. TYPE your entries, repeat TYPE..! If you have questions, speak to your Mexican contact. (I recommend that you supply information for 2 firearms even though you might think that you will not need a second firearm, since Murphy's Law runs double time in Mexico, it is much better to have a second firearm authorized at the beginning.)

2.Obtain a letter of good conduct (commonly called a "good guy" letter) from your local police or sheriff; note that this must be from the law enforcement unit where you reside and where your drivers licence is based. The letter must state "NO CRIMINAL RECORD ON FILE".

3.Your proof of citizenship, such as a CERTIFIED birth certificate or a passport. (This will be returned to you after all paperwork is completed.)

4.Four passport sized color photos. These must be recent, without cap or sunglasses, no T-Shirts and be approximately 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" in sizewith the background preferably white. Note, these pictures can not be "Polaroid" or "computer generated" types.

5. A photocopy of your drivers license, this license must be current and the address must agree with your current address.