Gracy Travel Agents are informed on the current issues involving travel and firearms. The airlines are not al- ways up to date on regulations pertain- ing to firearms nor are the customs websites. Sometimes you learn about travel restrictions with firearms and bow cases by becoming the first to experience a new policy while on your trip.


Because of our volume, we have seen everything. We are usually the first to discover a new regulation or airline policy. Our Gracy Travel team at Joburg airport keeps us up to date on new regu- lations and policies for those transiting or disembarking in South Africa. 


Your experience with Gracy Travel is EFFICIENT.


We have a full time support staff dedicated to processing your Visas, Firearm Transit Permits, & SAP520 and we also offer Travel Insurance. Your agent will guide you through the process once you have confirmed your flights.

We have a 24/7 emergency phone to assist you when a problem arises. One call gets the ball rolling!

We include an Information Packet for your trip along with bag tags and a detailed itinerary. This packet has valuable information about your upcoming trip specific to the airline you will travel. The bag tags help us and the airlines identify you as a Gracy Travel client.


If your hunt destination takes you via Johannesburg, you will be met in the Arrivals Hall by Gracy Travel Africa. We do not contract out our ground service, it is our team.