Visa-Travel Regulations- We refer to this as your Visa,Passport, Required Shots Calculator. It is handy to use when you are unsure of the requirements of your journey.


Visa Services


Smart Traveler- This is the website for the US Embassies. The Dept of State suggest you sign up so they know when and where you will be traveling should a problem arise.


Travel Doctor Advice
Information on prevention of illness, first aid and self treatment of common symptoms and diseases during your travel.

VISA REQURIREMENTS- QUICK CHECK- use this for a quick check on Visas!


CUSTOMS INFORMATION - This is information for all countries. It will answer your questions for the countries you will travel to. It is the same database the airlines use. Also check the countries you will transit


Travel Security
Transportation Security Administration


Travel Warnings and Consular Information
US State Department


Travelers Health - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Southern Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa & everywhere else


Passport and Visa Information
US Passport Services & Information